Violent Malicious Acts

Violent Malicious Acts

Designed to help you and your facility move forward after a tragedy, homicide, nonfatal injuries, or substantial damage to property.

Violent Malicious Acts Insurance

Violent Malicious Acts (VMA) Insurance insures a broadly defined Extra Expense for businesses that suffer an attack causing injury or death, regardless of any physical damage.

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Aside from the severe personal cost to the victims, malicious injury or death, attacks can cause huge, unplanned disruption and expense. Including, but not limited to:

  • Extra Security Personnel
  • Temporary alternative premises & transportation
  • Trauma counseling for staff
  • Expense securing replacements for dead or injured employees
  • Potential loss of revenue if parishioners move elsewhere
Violent Malicious Acts
Violent Malicious Acts


If the person suffers a malicious attack that causes little or no physical damage, then property insurance may not respond and resultant costs will be uninsured. Liability, Terrorism and WCA may not respond either for these losses.

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