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About Us

WealthGuard Insurance Group is a company built on relationships. Our combined leadership has 50+ years of cultivating, delivering and continuing the best relationships in the business. Over time, we have surrounded ourselves with the best talent available and are poised to continue our success in providing insurance.


We have years of insurance experience helping carriers and brokers provide solutions to their clients. Experience the difference of WealthGuard's newest Programs and Binding Authority division:

  • Assisted Living Facilities Insurance
  • Marina Insurance
  • Coastal Property
  • Cargo & Logistics Insurance
  • Terrorism & Sabotage Insurance
  • Active Assailant and Violent Malicious Acts Insurance
  • Deductible buy-down options


As an independent broker, you have the privilege of going to market for your client. WealthGuard's executive leadership has unprecedented access to innovative commercial insurance products and solutions that are broad in scope, properly priced and highly serviced.


Each client has different insurance needs. For 30+ years, our leadership team has delivered strong results, year over year, for our key trading partners and brokers. We credit this success for the personal and professional relationships that have enjoyed over the past years and years to come. If your looking for a partner, we are here for you!

Why WealthGuard?


Independent Agents have limited time and resources to place their commercial business. They are seeking insurance advisors who understand their needs and the complexity of the risk being placed.

WealthGuard Insurance Group has access to innovative commercial insurance products and solutions that are broad in scope, properly priced and highly serviced. We closely partner with Independent Agents and Brokers who seek the value in our expertise, enjoy our relationship and utilize our diversity of products.


  • Partner with our capacity providers to make the platform as “low touch” as possible
  • Align our interests with our partner carriers/companies for collaborative terms of coverage, rate/deductibles and commissions
  • Underwriting discipline is paramount as we develop opportunistic strategies for each class/segment so we can stay ahead of the market

Our Mission:

Create and manage insurance programs for partners to achieve the following three goals:

  1. Gain greater control over their insurance costs.
  2. Reduce their exposure to loss.
  3. Protect the safety of their work environments while improving the quality of their work.
WealthGuard is here to help

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We're here to help

Choosing the right partner, one who takes an interest in your success is hard to find. Finding one that will personally work with you for years and years is unheard of, especially with wholesalers acquiring and/or merging, which creates turnover. At WealthGuard you will work with your advocate for years to come and will NOT be passed around. We still believe this is a relationship-driven business and we are here to help.