Yacht Insurance

Yacht Insurance

WealthGuard offers marine coverage for boat, yacht, high performance, and tradesman vessels.

Yacht and Boat Insurance

WealthGuard offers insurance products to accommodate a wide variety of marine risks, including coverage for boats, yachts, high performance, and tradesman vessels. Customizable options are flexible to meet specific coverage needs.

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Coverage details such as agreed value, liability, or navigation may vary according to target class. Please contact WealthGuard to request coverage information based on your requirements.

Boat Target Classes:

  • Watercraft 26’ and under
  • All hull types
  • Fishing, pontoon, runabout jetski, sailboat, airboat, sportfish, center console

Yacht Target Classes:

  • Watercraft 26’ and over
  • No maximum length or value
  • Pleasure craft, liveaboard, bareboat, limited charter, multi-owner
  • All hull types
  • Cruiser, yacht, houseboat, trawler

High Performance Target Classes:

  • Watercraft 26’ and over
  • Watercraft speeds from 65 to 120 mph

Tradesman Target Classes:

  • Bareboat
  • Bed & breakfast
  • Boat club
  • Boat schools
  • Charter
  • Charter-Guide
  • Commercial fish
  • Owner/Operator
  • Rental
Yacht Insurance
Yacht Insurance


For more information about WealthGuard watercraft insurance, please contact WealthGuard.

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